Chrome meets hyper technology. Lyeada Systems, this vessels manufacturers are digital Gods – and this ship, the Gyoshi was the first one of it’s class that I designed.

Unlike many vessels, I had a really clear idea of what I wanted to build when I came into this so the modelling process went pretty smoothly.

Vaeyate Evolution

When redesigning an existing concept, I tend to leave most of the shape and aspect of the redesign on the table. IE, anything could change, especially when lor is at stake. However you do have to decide, what is the fundamental aspect to a design.


In the case of the Vaeyate, BIG FUCKOFF GUN is the answer. And thus…


These are from way back in 2009. Varuna was the first photo-realistic concept, Heavily inspired by star wars and various bits of throw back sci fi. This instantly became one of my most popular works, teaching my the value of making things shiny.


This vessel was the very first ship from this universe. It featured gattling guns and a lot of attitude. Like the vaeyate I intend to revisit it the near future, adding some of the detail and precision of my more recent designs.


This is a very old sketch, but it’s still an important one for me. I often look back on it and recall the direct references, Star Wars, Homeworld, Eve Online and many more. All this in a few jagged lines.