Magnetar Proving Facilities provide the ultimate testing environments for new technology and tactics due to the extrodinarily tough conditions found within these particular stellar atmospheres.

Like with all stars, magnetic field’s excite and bake stellar atmosphere and the solar wind to millions of degrees hotter than the stars core.

This Magnetar (SGR 1900+14) although less than 20 killometers in diameter weighs in at over 5 solar masses and resides in a photosphere several billion degrees kelvin. It’s in these extremes, ship defences and weapons systems are assessed by some of the most competent test pilots in the industry.

Asgards in transit towards a Magnetar Facility.


Running off the success of Varuna, I wanted to design a ship similar in style and nature, but a size class larger and perhaps a little more aggressive.


I’ll be redesigning this vessel in future so stay tuned.


These are from way back in 2009. Varuna was the first photo-realistic concept, Heavily inspired by star wars and various bits of throw back sci fi. This instantly became one of my most popular works, teaching my the value of making things shiny.


This is a very old sketch, but it’s still an important one for me. I often look back on it and recall the direct references, Star Wars, Homeworld, Eve Online and many more. All this in a few jagged lines.